How to switch to top product based companies ?

Stepping into an IT career is a courageous vision. You dream to contribute your knowledge and skills in the lives of people. To get started, IT aspirants have two options – Joining Service based company or Product based company.

Both are prestigious in themselves but service based companies are the easy entrance to secure jobs. Yet, developers find their job in service based companies as monotonous with less growth aspects as well as low pay scale. While Product based companies give an opportunity to enhance skills with a good learning curve.

The reason lies in the recruitment process. Service based companies run mass recruitment campaigns. Offer ideal job roles for the graduates as well as for the professionals who wish to switch from non technical jobs.

While, Product based companies work selectively and prefer quality candidates. So, they offer high salary packages. Their recruitment mechanism is multi-level and difficult to crack without right preparation.

If you’re the one who wishes to join a product based company but not having an idea on how to get started and crack the interview process, then you’re on the right page. This blog will give you detailed guidance to get your dream job.

Let’s dive into the concept of service based and product based companies and understand the difference between them.

Service Based Companies

Service based companies offer their services to other organisations. Offer intangible services in the form of skills and expertise. The most common services are Software development, Maintenance, consultations, business and operational management.

The hiring process is comparably easy to crack including aptitude test, basic coding and an interview stage.

The selected candidate works on the assigned support projects with the pay package of 3-5 lakhs per annum.

Product Based Companies

Product based companies offer their own product to the large market. A company can have a single product or multiple products in a specific domain.

Companies like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Adobe, Oracle have their own product, hire IT specialists to create and maintain their product performance.

The selection stages are difficult to crack. Includes online coding assessment, behavioral and technical interviews. The selected developers work on latest technologies, create new applications and improve/upgrade their performance.

The pay scale is 4-5 times higher than service based companies. Provide flexible office hours because employees’ concern is to offer quality work.

4 step guide to switch to Product based companies

Product based companies require a more comprehensive skillset. So it is not easy to switch from service based to product based companies. The following points will help you with planning your preparations.

Strategize the Switching

  1. Switching your job from Service company to Product based company is not an overnight process. The job roles are more technical in Product based companies. It demands highly skilled candidates who are responsible and determined to complete the task with efficiency.

You need to put extra hardwork and perseverance to prepare for the job in product based companies. However with the right approach and strategy you can do that in a short span.

Prioritize to learn the skills needed for the job. Gain specialization in the skills that are most demanding. With work from home culture it is convenient to invest your time in preparation with your current job as well. Be thorough and practical with the concepts you’re learning and implement them simultaneously.

Acquire the Right Skill Set

  1. Product based companies are known for providing ownership of work to their employees. So, they test a candidate at a 360 perspective from technical to soft skills.

They analyse a candidate’s proficiency on the basis of two core abilities- Programming and Problem Solving.

You must have your hands on coding skills and the latest development tools and technologies. You must be a great coder because the recruitment process involves multiple coding rounds.

While preparing the emphasis must be on learning Object oriented programming and Data Structure and Algorithms(DSA). Get acquitted with the latest technologies used by full stack developers.

Besides coding, recruiters also look for problem solving skills with problem statements given to test the candidate’s capabilities to solve problems with their programming skills without any bugs.

Aspirants must understand the requirements and invest the time efficiently and prioritize the skills.