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Leaf Similar Trees - Leetcode Solution


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LeetCode:  Leaf Similar Trees Leetcode Solution

Difficulty: Easy

Topics: tree binary-tree depth-first-search  

The Leaf Similar Trees problem on Leetcode is a problem that involves comparing the leaf values of two binary trees. The objective of the problem is to determine whether the leaf values of the two trees are the same. If the leaf values of the trees are the same, the function should return true. If not, it should return false.

Here is a detailed solution to the problem:

  1. Define a function leafSimilar that takes two binary trees as its arguments.

  2. Define an inner function getLeaves that takes a binary tree as its argument and returns an array of its leaf values.

    function getLeaves(root) {
        let leaves = [];
        function traverse(node) {
            if (node == null) {
            if (node.left == null && node.right == null) {
        return leaves;
  3. Call the getLeaves function on both trees.

    let leaves1 = getLeaves(root1);
    let leaves2 = getLeaves(root2);
  4. Compare the two arrays of leaves and return true if they are the same, false otherwise.

    return JSON.stringify(leaves1) === JSON.stringify(leaves2);

The solution uses a recursive approach. The getLeaves function recursively traverses the binary tree and adds the leaf values to an array. The arrays of leaf values for both trees are then compared using JSON.stringify to check if they are equal. If the arrays are equal, the function returns true. Otherwise, it returns false.

Leaf Similar Trees Solution Code